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Website credits and legal information

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Legal mentions

  • Legal entity

    The relevant legislation is that which is applicable to France, for which some extracts are cited below.

    Gareth Evans
    Registered business (URSSAF): 799 507 751 00029
    4 rue de Vieuzac
    65400 Argelès-Gazost
    0033 (0)781510460

  • Intellectual property

    The photographs and texts are personal creations and as such are protected by the rules concerning intellectual property.

    The graphical elements found on this website, their presentation and their structure are the exclusive property of Gareth Evans, except for the icons in .png format! The latter are public and free to use, and have been taken from the website: Iconfinder.com

    The photographs found on the site showing the guide and clients are subject to authorial and image rights. All use, reproduction and modification of these images are prohibited, excepting strictly private use, reproduction or modification. In all cases users must request the permission of natural or legal persons affected by the images.

    In accessing this website or any of the elements within, and in conformity with French legislation, Gareth Evans confers the user with: the right to private, individual, personal and non-transmittable usage of the contents of the site or the elements within; the right to the reproduction for storage and posterior representation on a fixed screen; and the right to the reproduction of one paper copy to be stored or disposed of.

    Without the express permission of Gareth Evans and of the webdesigner, all representation or reproduction of the website's contents, including partial representation, is prohibited, and particularly if the objective is commercial or promotional. Also prohibited is the repeated and systematic extraction of non-protected elements which could cause any form of prejudice towards Gareth Evans, particularly with regards the law for the protection of databases (1st July 1998).

    All requests for permission should be directed to the following address: garethdegazost@gmail.com. The message should include the address of the page where the link to the site will be shown.

  • The right to a response

    According to article 6 of French Law 82-652 (29th July 1982) concerning audiovisual communication: « All natural or legal persons have the right to a response in the case of accusations susceptible to harming their honour or reputation being diffused in context of an activity concerning audiovisual communications. » The publication manager of the website, as the recipient of the request, has the obligation to respond within 8 days following the reception of the request.

Validity of the source code and accessibility of the website

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The website has been verified by the accessibility auditor Ocawa and the W3C code-checker. The only scripts which have not been approved by the code-checker are the Facebook scripts. The webdesigner cannot modify this script without invalidating the access to the Facebook page of Gareth de Gazost, and expects that this will not cause any problem with the readability of this website.