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Terms and conditions

When making a booking, all clients should confirm they have read the kit list and ensure that they have insurance at the time of coming on a trip.

I can take no responsibility for clients who come poorly equipped or who choose to ignore the advice given on these pages. While I have a professional responsibility and a duty of care towards my clients, everyone booking a holiday should be aware that trekking in the mountains is a hazardous activity and approach the trips in a responsible manner.

I will adapt the trip to your needs but I may also have to make adjustments to itineraries for safety reasons. The mountain environment is forever changing and it is the guide's job to make these decisions for your safety.

All fees must be paid in advance of the route and in no way will route changes signify an alteration in price (please consult this page for prices and options for payment). However, a full refund will be made if the route has to be cancelled due to illness or extreme weather and if no alternative “bad weather route” or replacement guide can be found.

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