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Ideas for hiking and trekking

You can find pictures of past hikes on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/garethdegazost

You can consult the summer summits programme or look for inspiration in the photos and ideas below. All of my routes and expeditions are tailored to the client.

The first to sign up has the choice over which hike we do. If you are an agency with specific needs or a request, please do contact me to discuss what is possible.

My First 3000m Peak

July/August/September.Are you in fairly good shape? And would you like to summit your first peak over 3000m? 4 mountains to choose from:

  • Petit Vignemale
  • Taillon
  • The Turon de Néouvielle

All are possible with a long day route if you are in really good shape, or you could go for it over 2 days with a night in a mountain refuge or a tent.

Quest to find the Marmots

Une marmotte

Go on a quest to find the marmots and other animals too, of course! I will take you to the best places to observe these cute little mammals and learn more about the secrets of the marmot lifestyle. Ideal for kids, and also for adults! Only from April to September because in winter they hibernate!

Collection: "Belvederes of the High Pyrenees"

Summits for all tastes and abilities, all with stunning views. Possible all year depending on weather and snow conditions.


  • Pic du Hautacam
  • Pic de Jer
  • Mont de Gez
  • The Bergons
  • Pic de Bazès
  • Soum de Granquet
  • Soum de la Siarrousse


  • Pène Souquete (Le Pibeste)
  • The Cabaliros
  • The Montaigu
  • Pic de Léviste

Medium + (occasionally with sharp drops requiring use of hands):

  • The Péguère
  • The Viscos
  • The Midi d'Arrens
  • The Grand Gabizos

"Le Tour du Mont Perdu"

  • A 6-day expedition in the area of Ordesa and Mont Perdu (3355m) staying in mountain refuges (full board approx. 50 euros): almost entirely in Spain, waterfalls and gorges of Ordesa and Añisclo, the chance to summit a 3000m peak, the Cirque of Gavarnie from above, the spectacular pass of Roland and the beautiful Spanish village of Torla. It is also possible for me to organise expeditions going right round either Néouvielle, Vignemale, Balaitus the Pic du Midi de Bigorre or the Pic du Midi d'Ossau!
  • Tour of the Mont Perdu
  • Tour of the Mont Perdu
  • Tour of the Mont Perdu
  • Tour of the Mont Perdu
  • Tour of the Mont Perdu

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